TMJ MaryvilleAre you one of approximately 35 million people grimly enduring the discomfort of a jaw-joint disorder? Dr. Lindahl has helped many TMJ sufferers in Maryville to alleviate their pain. How can you know if your pain is TMJ based?

If you have the following symptoms, our trained dental practitioner should be sought for a further evaluation: headaches or migraines; facial, neck, shoulder or back pain; jaw pain; sensitive, worn, chipped or broken teeth; clicking or popping noises from the jaw or limited jaw movement. Besides pain, TMJ dysfunction can induce teeth grinding, breathing problems and sleeping disorders. Instead of relying on painkillers to get you through the workday, why not seek a resolution to the problem itself?

There is an intricate science involved in evaluating and balancing the muscles related to TMD (TMJ) pain. Dr. Lindahl will work to determine the source of your discomfort and a more optimal position of rest for your jaws.

Many have found a jaw-repositioning orthotic molded to rectify their specific challenge has facilitated a dissipation of pain even within days of implementation! Don’t let jaw-related pain dictate your lifestyle when an experienced dentist offers TMJ relief to Maryville sufferers every day! Arrange for your consult with Dr. Lindahl today!