Alleviate TMJ Pain Maryville Sufferers!

Are you one of approximately 35 million people grimly enduring the discomfort of a jaw-joint disorder? Dr. Lindahl has helped many TMJ sufferers in Maryville to alleviate their pain. How can you know if your pain is TMJ based? If you have the following symptoms, our trained dental practitioner should be sought for a further […]

Family Dentistry In Maryville — Taking Your Bad Breath Away

Many individuals avoid talking about bad breath, or perhaps more accurately, many avoid talking to someone who has bad breath. In providing quality family dentistry in Maryville, Dr. Lindahl and his team realize that bad breath can affect family members of all ages. Bad breath can be a sign of a medical disorder such as […]

What are plaque, tartar, and gingivitis?–From Your Dentist in Maryville

With incredibly high standards of excellence and care, Dr. Marty Lindahl knows that being a great dentist in Maryville also involves educating his patients. Terms such as cavities, plaque, tartar, and gingivitis may sound familiar to most. But understanding what they mean and how they each negatively affect oral health can be the first step to […]

Time Will Fly When At Your Dentist In Maryville TN

Many people avoid going to the dentist, even if it means damaging their oral health. Dr. Lindahl, your caring dentist in Maryville TN offers the solution to that aversion to dental visits. How? By means of relaxation dentistry. It addresses the concerns and fears that most patients have and helps keep them to a minimum. For […]

Call your Dentist in Maryville TN Before it’s Too Late!

You’re working away on your laptop when the calendar catches the corner of your eye. All at once it hits you that you have only got one month left to use the rest of your dental insurance for the year. You lunge for the phone to make an appointment with your dentist. Maryville TN residents […]

Don’t Let Dentures Diminish Your Smile!

Dr. Lindahl, whose dentistry experience includes that of orthodontics for Maryville residents, knows losing all your natural teeth, whether from periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury, is a traumatic chapter in anyone’s life. Educating his patients plays a key role in making this transition a successful one, in addition to providing quality designed dentures worth […]

Regain your Confidence with Dental Implants in Maryville

No one wants to lose a tooth. However, if because of poor oral hygiene, an injury to the jaw, or other causes, an extraction has been necessary, dental implants in Maryville may be the best option to regain your smile! Dental implants offer those who have lost their teeth a more aesthetic looking replacement that […]