At Rolling Hills Dental, your Knoxville cosmetic dentist, we don’t want your insurance or lack of insurance to dictate your dental care. We want you to have affordable access to the services you need. That’s why we’re introducing the Rolling Hills Dental Advantage!

Knoxville cosmetic dentist

The Rolling Hills Dental Advantage is not an insurance plan, it’s a discount dental program that allows you to get the quality care you need at great savings. Simply pay one annual fee of $99 for the Individual Plan or $249 for the Family Plan and you’ll receive an array of discounted services available year-round. Plus, all Rollings Hills Dental Advantage members receive an initial comprehensive exam and annual fluoride FREE.

For more information and to download our pricing list, visit our Rolling Hill’s Dental Advantage page.

Be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to keep the savings in your wallet while receiving the quality care and services you need. Call our office at (865) 983-4444 to enroll and start saving today!