Your tablet provides a pop-up warning that the battery is getting low. Your vehicle has a check engine symbol that lights up, indicating the need for maintenance or repair. Parents will readily agree that their little ones are also more than capable of letting them know when they’re in need of attention.

Your teeth, on the other hand, are unfortunately not equipped with a flashing light, warning alarm, or ear-splitting cry that immediately draws attention to the fact that they need some T.L.C. In fact, your smile may even be losing the battle against tooth decay without you even knowing it.

Taking Preventative Action

A beautiful smile starts with amazing dental health. That’s why it’s important to follow the recommendation of the American Dental Association (ADA) to receive a professional cleaning and oral health examination from your dentist twice a year.

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As a leading Maryville dentist, Dr. Lindahl takes a proactive approach to dentistry. We teach all of our patients about the benefits of preventative care to maintain a healthy smile.

During your routine visit with us, we focus on troubled areas and educate you on the condition of your smile. Our commitment to improve your dental health can help avoid invasive treatments, saving you time and money.

By taking the time to talk to you, explain the procedures, and listen to you, we will do what it takes to keep your smile healthy because you are part of our dental family!

“It is a wonderful feeling when such a great team can incorporate such skills all while making you feel like family. You are all such good people! Thank you again from my heart!” – The Humphrey Family

Saving Your Smile and Body

Regular visits every six months can allow us to discover issues you may not even feel or see, such as cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. Catching these issues at the earliest stages facilitates treatment before they become more extensive and painful. This promotes better health, and can save you time, money, and even your life.

Studies have indicated that your body and oral health are correlated. Harmful oral bacteria can travel through your bloodstream and create havoc on other parts of your body, increasing risks of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and much more.

Come visit your Maryville dentist.

Time to Visit Us

Don’t put off visiting us until you’re experiencing serious discomfort or problems with your oral health. That’s like waiting for your car’s engine to seize up before deciding to get the long-overdue oil change it needed.

Keep the smiles of your entire family in superior health and at the top of their game by means of regular dental visits. Though your teeth may not have flashing lights and pop-up signs to thank you for your actions, they’ll display a picture of your health and beauty – which in a way is their way of saying “thank you.”

Share what works for you: What’s your method to ensure you remember to go to the dentist? Do you use your phone, calendar or perhaps your computer to remind you?