Why are there so many? Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to pick from the seemingly endless variety of toothpaste choices in front of you? It can be enough of a challenge just deciding on one particular brand of toothpaste, but within that brand there are still may choices available. In fact, the popular brand Colgate produces over thirty different combinations of toothpaste for you to choose from.

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Toothpaste and Your Oral Health

Toothpaste and its sidekick the toothbrush play vital roles in maintaining your sound oral health. First and foremost, toothpaste works well in removing harmful, sticky plaque from off your teeth, preventing cavities, gum disease and unwanted tooth loss. The fluoride found in the majority of toothpastes also promotes re-mineralization of your teeth, making them more resistant to decay.

Toothpastes are generally available in gel, paste, or powder form. Over and above the basic need for toothpaste, companies provide a number of “added features” aimed at drawing attention to you and your smile.

Choices, Choices, Choices

The variety of toothpastes available today can be broken down into some main categories including:

  • Tartar/ Gingivitis Control
  • Teeth Sensitivity
  • Teeth Whitening
  • For Children
  • Controlling Bad Breath
  • Natural Products
  • Cavity Protection
  • For Dentures

Which brand and type of toothpaste should you choose? Before you contemplate adopting a particular toothpaste for yourself, make sure that it has earned the stamp of approval from the American Dental Association (ADA). This ensures that is has been evaluated for safety and effectiveness by an independent review board of scientific experts, and that it actually does what it’s advertised to do.

Making The Right Choices

The ADA provides a list of ADA approved toothpastes and other dental products to help you narrow down your choices.

As long as you select a fluoride-containing toothpaste, the best one for you is really a matter of personal choice and preference. Of course, regardless of what toothpaste you choose, it will be of no help to your smile if it don’t use it. Find a flavor and brand that makes teeth brushing a positive experience for you and your children, and keeps you coming back for more every day.

Brushing teeth, flossing, and regular dental visits are an intrinsic part of maintaining good oral health. Contact Dr. Lindahl, one of the top Maryville dentists, today to help you keep your smile happy and healthy with a professional cleaning, or to boost your smile-ability with some of our modern, smile-enhancing cosmetic services.

Share with us: What’s your favorite toothpaste of choice, and why? What’s the strangest flavor of toothpaste you’ve every tried?