Maryville TN Teeth Whitening and Veneers Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in Maryville and throughout Tennessee.

Numerous ads for whitening products in our local media contain terms such as ‘white brite’, ’22 carbamide peroxide’ and ‘peroxide teeth’. They look tempting, but how do you separate tooth bleaching fact from fiction?

First, and especially for our local Maryville TN patients, we recommend talking to Dr. Marty Lindahl at Marty W. Lindahl, DDS. Just because teeth whitening products are readily available in Maryville TN and Knoxville, it doesn’t mean they are all safe or appropriate for every person. Getting a professional opinion is a good first step.

Don’t be fooled by smile whitening hype and risk damage, especially if you need tetracycline teeth whitening. If you have existing cosmetic dental work such as dental crowns, bonding, partial dentures or bridge work, it is especially important to talk to a Knoxville dental professional about cosmetic dental teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening kits are not the only way to quickly improve your smile in Maryville TN. Many of your Knoxville area neighbors have benefited from porcelain veneers. There are several brands of veneers such as Lumineers by Cerinate, da Vinci and Mac. We can help you decide on which is best for you.

Veneers are sometimes called ‘instant orthodontics’ because they can correct tooth misalignment and gaps as well as provide instant teeth whitening.

Porcelain veneers can also fix chipped teeth and cover stains. The vast majority of Maryville TN veneer recipients are extremely pleased with the results.

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