Dental Implants Maryville TN Regardless of the reason, a lost or broken tooth can drastically impact your quality of life. Dr. Lindahl offers options such as dental implants to Maryville TN residents facing this issue. Some might minimize the importance of such a procedure, but missing teeth can affect the way you chew, what you are able to eat, the clarity of your speech and the way you are viewed by both yourself and those you meet.

As well, once a tooth is lost, the bone that supported that tooth will normally begin to shrink. This can result in extra wear and tear on the surrounding teeth, leading to more breakage and further damage. The empty space created by the lost tooth can also result in shifting of the neighboring teeth, contributing to TMJ disorder, bite and jaw misalignment, bone deterioration and a smile that is crooked. Without a doubt, the value of dental implants reaches far beyond simple cosmetic reasons. It truly improves the quality of life of the patient in virtually every aspect.

But what is an implant and how does it help? Dental implantation involves two stages. The first phase is to surgically attach to the jawbone an artificial tooth root made of titanium. This provides an anchor that opens the way for the second step. This is when Dr. Lindahl uses this anchor to securely attach your custom-made porcelain replacement tooth, commonly known as a crown.

The outcome is a strong, functional, natural looking tooth. Dental implants help keep the jawbone healthy and intact, prevent other teeth form shifting, result in a more natural appearance of your face and smile and can boost your self-esteem. It is of note that dental implants can even be used in securely anchoring dentures in place. Please contact Dr. Lindahl today to find out how the dental implants options he provides to Maryville TN residents can work for you and the health of your smile.