No insurance? No problem!

Our in-house Dental Wellness Plan makes it possible for you and your family to get the oral health care you need—without the constraints of typical insurances.

Protection and convenience for families and individuals

Our dentists are making quality and affordable dental care for Maryville, TN a reality.

A photo of a young family and their cute baby smiling healthy thanks to our affordable dentist in Maryville TN A photo of a young family and their cute baby smiling healthy thanks to our affordable dentist in Maryville TN A photo of a young family and their cute baby smiling healthy thanks to our affordable dentist in Maryville TN
“So many people in Blount County, and throughout East Tennessee for that matter, don’t have dental insurance.  I often get asked to recommend a dental insurance plan, but I never have good answer. So, I wanted a way to offer affordable care to help those folks wanting world-class dentistry without restrictions or limitations.  Our Dental Wellness Plan does just that.”

~ Dr. Marty Lindahl

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Created exclusively for our uninsured patients, our Dental Wellness Program provides coverage to fit your needs, keeping dental care as simple and affordable as possible, so you always leave our office with a smile on your face. Now you and your family can not only get preventive care for a low monthly fee and a low, single lifetime activation fee, you will also receive a discounted rate on almost all of our dental services. No strings attached. No third parties to deal with. Just world-class dentistry under a simple, affordable plan.

We offer three plans to choose from:
  • Adult Membership
  • Perio Membership
  • Child Membership
Each plan is designed to provide the following benefits:
  • The recommended number of cleanings per year
  • 1-2 Doctor Exams per year
  • 1 Emergency Exam per year (if needed)
  • 1 Fluoride Treatment per year (Child Membership)
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • TMJ/TMD Screenings
  • Cosmetic Evaluations
  • No restrictions on restorative work, cosmetic enhancements, and preventive care

Click to enroll in the Dental Wellness Plan program and schedule your initial comprehensive exam today! Once you become a member, you’ll join many others who have taken advantage of this revolutionary approach to dental care.


We value your loyalty, and our loyal members will enjoy saving money on world-class dental care! Still have questions? Call us today to find out more! (865) 983-4444

Dentistry tailored to YOU

Patients all over Maryville, TN are loving their affordable Dental Wellness Plan!

A before and after case study showing a beautiful smile transformation from Rolling Hills Dental

‘‘Thank you for your compassion. I was so self-conscious about not having been able to see a dentist for six years. I was treated so kindly that my stress was reduced to none.

Jami B. (actual patient of our affordable dentist in Maryville, TN)

‘‘I, unfortunately, have delayed obtaining a new dentist for several years. My long-standing dentist, retired, and I have just been negligent in seeking a new office. I felt very welcomed there. No pressure, no hard sale, and I was made to feel I was their only patient today. Great dentist, awesome staff, friendly young dental techs.

Patricia H. (actual patient of our affordable dentist in Maryville, TN)

‘‘Great people doing great work. I used to be afraid to go to the dentist. Dr. Lindahl and his crew completely changed my outlook. They go out of their way to make sure I am comfortable.

Joseph O. (actual patient of our affordable dentist in Maryville, TN)


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure

Holistic dentistry just makes sense

If you and your family customarily visit the dentist to “fix” recurring dental problems, you might be interested in a more holistic way of caring for your family’s oral health.

Being proactive about your oral health is the best way to avoid paying large sums for restorative work or other health dangers in the future.

Our in-house dental wellness savings plan opens the way for you to:
  • Identify oral dangers before they develop
  • Keep dental visits to a minimum
  • Save big on your oral health care
  • Maintain a great smile for life

To learn how we do this, download your free copy of our infographic, “Why Comprehensive (aka Holistic) Dentistry Makes Sense”.


How does the Dental Wellness Plan work?

Without the need for third-party insurance, our Dental Wellness Plan simplifies dentistry to suit your needs.

Save Money

Enjoy the advantage of 15% to 50% off our normal prices for dental treatments! You will not find a more powerful discount plan for family and individual dental treatment elsewhere.


Full Coverage

Our savings plan enables patients who don’t have dental insurance to manage the cost of the treatment they want. From needed repair work to designing the smile of your dreams, you can now afford having a great smile year-round.


Family Owned

Stay in control of your family’s oral health and get all the dentistry you want at rates you can afford. Give your loved ones unrestricted access to quality oral health care on your terms, not the insurance’s.


Smarter Care

The truth is, when you don’t have cavities and don’t need restorative dental work, everyone wins. This membership makes it super easy for you and your family to prevent the development of damaging conditions at a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.

Does your current insurance plan limit your dental treatment to a fixed yearly number? Give us a call; we’ll work out a flexible solution together.

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Sounds too good to be true?

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