While the “male gaze” is certainly a buzzword in today’s culture when it comes to defining how women are judged by impossible beauty standards; men are quietly undergoing the same scrutiny.

The truth is, we’re all subject to the subconscious first impression of the observer, and that first impression can either open the door of engagement, or make it more challenging to access opportunity.

Men deserve the same advantages women have when it comes to taking healthy steps towards enhancing their image in a way that showcases personal potential, and the first place people take in said potential is in the read of a face launched by a confident smile.

So here’s a few immediate tips for the guy who would like to take such philosophy into consideration:

Spend A Little Quality Time Brushing
Make sure to brush and floss twice a day using soft bristles, as hard brushes can be too abrasive and cause the gums to recede further. 

And hey, for those guys out there who like power tools: invest in an Electric Toothbrush. Thanks to their vibrating heads, electric toothbrushes are able to remove more stains than a standard toothbrush — just make sure you use the soft bristles.

Take Good Care of Your Gums
Gums are the foundations of your teeth. If you’re suffering from gingivitis (red, puffy, bleeding, or receding gums), it can make your whole smile look unhealthy. Taking care of your gums helps your teeth feel stronger and more vital.

Get Your Smooch On (Yes, Really)
Studies show that kissing stimulates saliva production, which can help you fight stains. You can also munch on raw, fibrous veggies, but of the two, only one is known to immediately increase good endorphins!

Jason F. Smile Transformation by Dr. Marty W. Lindahl graphic

That being said, if you’re the kind of guy who has neglected his smile and needs a supportive confidence boost, you may find it encouraging to know there’s something revolutionary you can do about it in a matter of days.

An estimated 30-40 percent of red carpet smiles are actually created by a wonderful retexturing and shaping process known as “veneers”. And we’re not talking about those Chicklet-looking, lip-crutches that gained notoriety in the 70s and 80s. Today’s porcelain veneers are completely undetectable, and built to match the natural shade of your teeth at the height of their potential whiteness. Two appointments and you can have a magazine-cover smile that looks like you were born with it.

The other great thing about veneers is the fact that if you need a substantial amount of clinical work done to improve the health of your teeth which can impact a whole host of other related health issues, veneers may be the more cost-effective route to enhancing both aspects with one procedure.

One of Eastern Tennessee’s premier
cosmetic dentists, Dr. Marty W. Lindahl, is a great listener who is known for prioritizing his patients’ desired results from a 360° perspective. Dr. Lindahl believes the most revolutionary smile makeover is one where attention is not paid to the smile alone, but also how the shape, function, and feel of a smile can change the entire read of the face.  

To view more of Dr. Lindahl’s smile transformations, visit our Smile Transformations Gallery or call (865) 983-4444 to speak to our Smile Concierge today and see about making the smile of your dreams, a reality.