The Secret Behind Hollywood’s Brightest Smiles: Dental Veneers

Social cues dictate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder — and any beholder will stop in their tracks when they encounter a bright white smile. It’s inevitable…

These days, a “tooth” job is meant to convey wellness as well as attractiveness. A healthy smile plays a huge part in the sum of that equation.

“Anyone can pursue a dream, you’ve just gotta stop worrying about why it may or may not happen, and start doing!” -@ellenmariebennett

Here at Rolling Hills Dental – we’re equipped to help you do just that. In just a few visits, you can have an entirely new smile – and feel like a whole new you. Click here to fill out our Smile Concierge Questionnaire and get your free consultation.

Google celebrity teeth transformations, and you’ll see many of your favorite stars with uneven, not-so-white, asymmetrical teeth in their befores and shiny, gleaming smiles after. In Hollywood, people work with image makers and plastic surgeons, makeup artists, and hairstylists — and dentists are part of the glam team now. Nathaniel Hawkins, a celebrity hairstylist, says, “Part of the process of being a star is having a big, bright smile.” At Rolling Hills Dental, we believe every patient should be the star of their own story. 

Megan C. Smile Transformation by Dr. Marty W. Lindahl graphic (1)

Leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Marty W. Lindahl argues that changing your smile can change your entire face, adding fullness and support to your features. This gets especially notable over time, as your cheeks become less bouncy with the loss of collagen and your teeth shift in.

The remedy? Aesthetic Facial Design. You could call it the haute couture of smile design — a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, luxury product. At Rolling Hills Dental after a consultation and a mold, patients are given lemongrass-infused heated hand cloths, expert local anesthesia to numb any pain, and the show of their choice on a flat screen TV. Dr. Lindahl then begins designing a custom smile directly in the patient’s mouth. Dr. Lindahl, molds a (less than 0.5 millimeters, thinner than a fingernail) material called composite to craft the perfect smile. Next, the design is sent to a top ceramics lab partner to be exquisitely finished in the perfect shade of porcelain that Dr. Lindahl and the patient personally select.

A common complaint Dr. Lindahl gets from patients is that they have “lost their smile.” The bottom third of your face is supported by teeth which affect the structure of your face. “Black holes” — space on either side of your mouth when you smile — are also a common problem that makes your grin look less-than Julia Roberts ear-to-ear perfect. The solution is to build veneers that gently slope out in thickness so that they fill up the “black holes,” to create a fuller, healthier looking smile.

Jason F. Smile Transformation by Dr. Marty W. Lindahl graphic


More About Dental Veneers from Dr. Marty W. Lindahl:

“Whether a patient is interested in 2 to 4 veneers, or a full-mouth rehabilitation; I’m passionate about providing an aesthetic result that will last. The transformations my patients experience mean the world to me. Operating as a smaller private practice allows me to advocate for my patient’s objectives in a way that lets me focus on their needs and treat them as VIPs, instead of going through some less-than-desirable protocols larger practices must adhere to.” -Dr. Marty W. Lindahl

As a boutique-size practice with a high-level of productivity, my team and I have the ability to provide our patients with the advantage of 100% individual attention and the highest-level of comfort and privacy. Many dental practices provide veneers; but very few have the hands-on track record of experience, lab partnership, and strategic alliances that my team and I have cultivated to provide our patients with only the latest in cutting-edge, dental veneer best practices. My team and I do our utmost to support each other and our patients via post-graduate training, team accountability, and a consistent allegiance to aesthetic function that lowers the risk for patient dissatisfaction.

In order to provide total smile transformations that give my patients access to multiple benefits in one visit; I now partner with Allergan/Brilliant Distinctions. Oftentimes, when the structure of the teeth have been transformed; I have been asked to provide the finishing touch of polishing the “frame” of my patient’s smiles with the undetectable enhancement of dermal fillers.

For the past decade, I have utilized non-surgical fillers and Botox  to correct issues such as “gummy smiles”, indistinctive cupid bows, thin-parsed lips, frown lines, and more. We now offer our patients access to the Brilliant Distinctions membership, in order to maximize their benefits when it comes to putting their best features forward in a way that saves them time and resources.

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About Emprethin Veneers
Emprethin™ are similar to porcelain veneers but offer patients a no-preparation (no drilling, no grinding) option for applying these ultra-thin veneers to the teeth. Both products are porcelain veneers ultra-thin shells of ceramic material, which are bonded to the front of the teeth. Not all patients are candidates for the no preparation option. Size, shape, and alignment of your teeth will dictate the outcome of this method.

Your best results may be obtained with a stronger all-porcelain veneer and preparing the existing teeth for a little thicker, and more durable veneer. Emprethins are the latest ultra-thin veneer and are a pressed ceramic that can be fabricated at approximately 0.2 mm – 0.3 mm, transforming teeth into a naturally beautiful smile that looks perfect for every individual.

What are the benefits of Emprethin™ veneers?
They can fix stained, crooked, chipped, and an unevenly spaced smile. Emprethin™ offer a painless way to permanently whiten and align your smile. They are advertised as painless because these types of veneers require minimal or no-preparation of your teeth to bond. Because there is no-preparation, the process is also faster than a conventional veneer procedure.

What concerns should I have about veneers?
Emprethin™ veneers are not designed to withstand excessive force. Habits like nail biting and ice chewing can damage the veneer over time.

How much do veneers cost?
The answer is very patient specific. The ceramic veneer is only part of the expense. The number of teeth and any required supporting dental work need to be considered. Dr. Lindahl and team will provide you with a cost estimate after examining your teeth.

What other porcelain veneer options are available for me?
We offer several options for porcelain veneers and where strength is required. Dr. Lindahl will help you decide which system is the most appropriate to achieve your goals.